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Had two simple kitchen and bathroom roller blinds installed by two of galaxy blind fitters they were not very vocal on what they were going to do and I thought obviously they now what they are doing.first blind was fitted in the kitchen so I had a look to find half a red plug sticking out the side of the bracket and also the pull string was to tight to even move so I had to call the fitter to fix it ,I was quite shocked about his and thought how very unprofessional and then the two fitters told me they had done and couldn't take any rubbish away with them.I went to have a look at the simple bathroom blind and couldn't believe my eyes they had bent the brackets to fit the blind and the brackets were also a centimetre away from the wall which looked really odd and you had to be very careful when pulling the pull string in case the blind fell down on you the mess was unbelievable so rang them immediately and spoke to a lady who said she would ring them and get back to me,I am still waiting.My husband in the end had to refit the blind,wether the blind was measured wrong or something wasn't right they should of fixed the problem my advice to you if interested in going to galaxy blinds is don't pay a little bit more and get some professional people in you deserve it.   09-01-16