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I have used Tyre Power for MOT and repairs for several years on the reccomendation of a work colleague and I have never found any reason to fault them. Two cars have sailed through MOTs despite being elderly, and only on its 3rd MOT did one fail and need new brake pipes, which I kind of expected anyhow. I'm not daft and I have been ripped off by garages in the past so I am wary but Tyre Power have never done anything to make me suspicious, the staff are friendly and helpful every time. I had my car in for a service recently and they rang me on my mobile and said "Your wheels have anti theft nuts on, where is the little gadget to remove them?" so I said "In a small tool box in the spare wheel well, sorry, I never thought of you taking the wheels off." to which the guy replied "How else are we going to check your brakes properly? We aren't ( here he named a well advertised national fast fitting tyre and exhaust company )! We do the job properly!" I recommend Tyre Power in Stockton to anyone.   18-08-13
Tags: Never had a problem