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If there was a zero star I’d choose it.
Ordered from Four seasons for 10+ years. Ordered tonight and didn’t even have the decency to say there’d be a £3 delivery charge, even though we always tip. We order every Friday usually £30+ as have friends round but during covid-19 the order was £15.
Delivery driver tried to take an extra pound for delivery charge, parmo was spilt all over the box, chips weren't cooked properly. Called the shop to complain about the delivery charge not being mentioned when placing the order and was spoken to by a very rude man saying he was the owner who hung up on me.
Called straight back to complain about the quality of the food and had a very aggressive conversation the same man who then passed me to with several staff and refused to offer a refund. Was hung up on several times.
Apparently customer loyalty is not important and neither is the quality of their food now.
Eventually after continuing to complain the driver came back and was accusing my husband of maliciously messing with the order, f’ing and being very rude. I recorded this footage and will happily share and shame this new owner/delivery driver.
Very disappointing...   10-04-20